In the past few weeks, Google has been testing new search features to decide on the best way to progress in the services that they are offering their users – as well as being effective for them. Ensuring that Google users are getting the best results and businesses are having the most impact with their […]

Google recently announced that they will make the switch over to mobile-first indexing from March 2021, changing the way that website rankings are calculated. They originally planned to roll out these changes in September 2020, but the pressures of the coronavirus and the uncertain times we’re living in have pushed back the deadline. Once this […]

Earlier this week, Google overhauled their help document for Google Discover to make it clear what the web feature is and how it can supplement regular searches. If you don’t already know or haven’t used it yet, Discover works by recommending pieces of content to users based on their previous Google searches. It doesn’t work in […]

Imagine firing up your laptop and discovering that your website has disappeared completely from the search rankings. Despite all of the hard work you poured into boosting your organic rankings and building your brand, your website is simply nowhere to be found. You’re back to square one. That’s exactly what could happen if Google issues […]

In SEO, nothing stays the same for long; a link strategy that works one day may not work the next. Google originally launched its nofollow link attribute in 2005 in an attempt to stop comment spam and untrusted links. The Googlebot didn’t crawl, index or rank internal and external links, but ignored them completely. The […]

The topic of disavowing links has always been a hotly debated one, with SEO experts disagreeing on whether to disavow “bad” links, and how this might affect site rankings on Google. Though the extent is debatable, ranking algorithms still do factor in link quality, so a poor link could very well damage search rankings. With […]

Google have recently announced that they’ll be rolling out another new ranking factor in 2021 called Google Page Experience. This will judge your website based on how user-friendly your website is perceived to be, using metrics such as: Core Web Vitals (including loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability) Mobile friendliness Safe browsing HTTPS Intrusive interstitial […]

Google makes thousands of changes to search each year – in fact, it was reported that in 2018, Google conducted 3,234 updates alone. While we await the total for 2019, it is still clear to see that, when it comes to managing your website, you should not sit idle. Studies have shown that between 70-80% of users […]

Google is constantly making updates – thousands a year – although more extensive core updates understandably play a greater role in how search results will be generated. On the 4 May, 2020, Google announced that they rolling out a core algorithm update, the second one of its kind for this year. This is a broad […]

On the tail of their Core Update, the 22nd January 2020 saw Google make some rather large changes regarding featured snippet duplication, and, being rolled out without much warning, these updates have been met with some confusion, to say the least. Here we’re looking at what featured snippets are, what the new changes realistically mean […]