Developing a rock-solid content marketing strategy is essential when it comes to marketing your business online. It helps you to focus on the unique needs of your customers, allows you to connect with them more effectively and get the results that you are looking for. Without it, there’s simply no way you can be sure […]

Last Friday, Google announced a major algorithm update that is being referred to by SEO experts as one of the most important updates in the past five years. The BERT update is thought to impact around 1 in 10 search queries and has been rolled out in Google Search over the past week. Below, we […]

The ability of author reputation to influence page rank has been an ongoing dispute for many years. Google Authorship was a feature that appeared in Google search results for around three years, from June 2011 until August 2014. The feature allowed and encouraged content creators to identify themselves when posting a piece of content – […]

No matter the niche your business may fill, whether you’re a stay at home mom blogging about the latest and greatest in baby products, or trying to make waves selling your new e-book online, you need an online presence if you want to succeed in today’s business world. Even if it’s physical products you’re peddling, […]