The coronavirus outbreak has changed everything for businesses across the world. Some sectors have had to close their doors, send their staff home, and cut costs as much as they can. Others working in sectors like online learning, delivery services and conferencing tools have seen a surge in growth that has exceeded business forecasts. But […]

Google makes thousands of changes to search each year – in fact, it was reported that in 2018, Google conducted 3,234 updates alone. While we await the total for 2019, it is still clear to see that, when it comes to managing your website, you should not sit idle. Studies have shown that between 70-80% of users […]

Coronavirus hasn’t just affected the daily lives of billions of people across the globe. It has also forced businesses to make numerous changes in the way they operate. Many have been forced to adjust to social distancing regulations, figure out remote working, and understand how they can keep their heads above water. That’s why, we’ve […]

Right now, we are living in a period of uncertainty. The outbreak of coronavirus has changed the world in ways that many of us never thought would happen, and various industries have been affected, including the search industry. As we all try to navigate our way through this outbreak, we’ve put together this list of […]

Every site has – and should have – internal links. Though they’re easily forgotten, they’re a fundamental way of improving your site’s performance in search engines. To put it simply, internal links are what they sound like – hyperlinks that go from one page to another on the same domain or website. We’ll be looking […]

In a short space of time, Coronavirus is having a massive impact on the world. We are seeing changes in how people are using the internet – whether it is for communication, ordering food, looking for information, or entertainment whilst they are isolating themselves. We are also seeing businesses – and indeed industries – having […]

Developing a rock-solid content marketing strategy is essential when it comes to marketing your business online. It helps you to focus on the unique needs of your customers, allows you to connect with them more effectively and get the results that you are looking for. Without it, there’s simply no way you can be sure […]

We’re now into the third instalment of our ‘day in the life’ series. Our Search Performance Manager Ed and Content Marketing Specialist Chloe have shared their days with us, so now, it’s the turn of Search Marketing Specialist, Jamie Smith. Local SEO plays a significant role in any search marketing strategy. In fact, 86% of […]

The world of SEO is always changing. It’s developing and adapting to make sure that it keeps up-to-date with what’s going on in the world – ensuring that the public can get all the information they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is the point of search engines, after all! It is important […]

How do you know when it’s time to perform a website audit? Well, if you’ve never done one before or even thought about it, the time is probably now. Even a very basic website can have many moving parts, which means there’s plenty to go wrong. If you’ve ever found a broken link or similar […]