Earlier this month, Google rolled out its new speed reports on the Google Search Console to the general public. This aims to identify webpages that are slow to load and provide advice on how to improve the website’s performance. Use this new feature and you could potentially boost your website rankings and improve user experience, […]

  In the world of Google, things are ever changing- and one of the latest changes is adding to the way the search engine prioritises and ranks results on their website. SEO can seem complicated- and now Google are going to include Website Speed and Mobile-First Indexing into their Optimising system.   Why? Our desire […]

This week, in the next step of Google taking on speeding up mobile internet, saw Google announce the beginning of a new partnership with WordPress. But why is it such a big deal? Should we have seen it coming? Over the past few years we’ve seen Google turn their attention to page speed for mobile […]