Content Marketing Strategy


Improve brand awareness, build your audience and increase customer retention rates with informed content marketing. It’s not just about what you have to say; it’s about how you say it and whether you say the right thing to the right people.

What content marketing means for your business

Good content is not just about it being well written. The copy for a web page, blog or article may be expertly crafted but if it’s not written with the audience in mind it’s unlikely to be effective. You need to know about your customers; what are their aspirations, what do they want from you and what is their online journey? Once you have this information, you can build a content marketing strategy that is focused on your audience; the customers you want to attract and retain.

The team at Fibre does your research for you. We get all of the data you need by:

• Listening to what people are saying about you online.

• Listening to what people are saying about your competitors online.

• Researching keywords and phrases.

• Conducting customer research.

• Using the latest analytics.

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Creating an informed content marketing strategy

Presenting you with the results of our research is only the start of what we do. Using this data, we develop a content marketing strategy that’s specifically designed to meet your business needs while engaging the appropriate customer demographic.

This means that all of your content reflects your brand but is also tailored to the interests of your customers. Creating this type of content improves customer engagement. As people engage with your content, they share it and discuss it online. This increases the number of people who engage with your brand and expands your customer base.


Building relationships with influencers

Fibre has built strong relationships with influencers in the digital world. We will bring the power of these influencers to your content marketing strategy. Bloggers are hugely influential in the digital world. They can attract an audience to your brand by collaborating with you. The benefits you can get from these collaborations include;

• Improving the reputation of your brand.

• Increasing awareness of your brand.

• Increasing your customer base.

• Generating high quality leads.

• Improving your organic search engine rankings.

Working with us, you get access to an array of bloggers who create content in a range of different areas. We don’t need to go looking for bloggers to collaborate with you, we have already built these relationships.


Integrated digital marketing

Informed content marketing and online collaborations should form part of an integrated digital marketing strategy. We work with businesses across all industry sectors, to ensure that all of their digital marketing efforts are integrated. Doing this brings enhanced results for your business, and optimises the ROI for your marketing campaigns. Digital marketing strategies are varied and there is no one size fits all approach, but we will help with all vital aspects of your strategy.

• Digital PR

Whether online or offline, PR is all about improving the reputation of your brand. We help you to improve your online reputation by building your relationships with influencers. This expands your customer base and increases the amount of high quality backlinks that you earn. These backlinks improve the way you are viewed by search engines, helping to improve your ranking in organic search results.

• Earning links

Earning links is essential, if you want to improve your position in search results. Not every link is beneficial though. Fibre helps clients to get rid of poor quality and manufactured links and replace them with genuine, high quality links that can generate new leads.

• Use of social media

Social media is a free resource that can enable your business to reach an audience of billions worldwide. We will help you to use social media in the right way; producing content that your audience relates to and shares, and ensuring that you post content with optimum frequency.

• Understanding big content

Big content is one of those buzz phrases that has accompanied big data into today’s marketing language. It relates to content that is longer term, larger in scale and more resource intensive. It could be that you are thinking of hosting a series of webinars, producing ebooks or creating a series of instructional videos. We will help you to understand where big data projects fit within your integrated digital marketing strategy.

• Comprehensive analytics

Analytics have to form part of any digital marketing strategy. If you don’t measure your efforts and results, you have no way of gauging your success and the cost effectiveness of your marketing investment. We provide you with analysis of integrated analytics that is in an understandable and actionable format.

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