Google Maps SEO

localDo you realise how valuable Google Maps can be for your business? Ranking at the top of local search engine results means that potential customers can find you on a map at the exact time when they are looking for your product or service. Get Google Maps SEO right, and you can increase sales and profits.

Use the power of Google Maps to grow your business

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunities that Google Maps can give you. We have worked with many different types of business to make sure that their digital presence is designed to optimise their local search rankings, giving users instant access to their business address on Google Maps. What this can mean for you is that when a potential customer is in your neighbourhood, they can find you in search results, get directions and be with you in minutes.

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What is the 3 pack and why does it matter?

Our aim is to give your business the best chance of featuring in the 3 pack of local search results. These are the results that feature at the top of the page, underneath a map of the area on which they are hightlighted. In just two clicks, users can get directions straight to your business. The 3 pack is where you want to be, if you want to optimise the number of users who select your business.


How we can help you get there

Fibre will work with you to make sure that you satisfy Google’s three main criteria for determining ranking in local search results:

• Relevance – How closely your service or product matches what the user is looking for.

• Distance – How close the location of your business is to the geographical location that is relevant to the search.

• Prominence – How well known your business is.

We will do this by optimising your digital presence.


• Google my Business optimisation

If you don’t have a Google My Business account then you need one; and it needs to be thorough and up to date. We will deal with this for you. From here we will ensure that your business information is optimised for Google Search and Google Maps.

We will ensure that your Google My Business account is optimised, so that Google knows:

• Who you are.

• What you do.

• What services and products you provide.

• Where you are located.

• How you can be contacted.

• When you are open (including special opening hours for holidays).

All of this information enables Google to decide how relevant you are to a search, and helps your business to rank higher in local search results.


• Website optimisation

If you have an offline presence, as well as an online store, you don’t want your website to be solely focused on online sales. This is especially the case for businesses such as restaurants, plumbing services or electrical services that rely on local custom. Fibre helps you to rank highly in local searches by:

• Researching relevant geographic keywords.

• Testing your site for local relevance.

• Researching competitor websites to see how they appeal to local people.

We use the same principles to ensure that your social media sites are also optimised for local relevance.


Review optimisation

Positive reviews help Google to see how relevant and how well-known you are. We will help you to create a link so that customers can leave reviews of your business on Google. We will also work with you to show you how to manage these reviews and ensure that they work to your advantage.

Fibre also helps businesses understand the Google My Business review policy which restricts what businesses can do to elicit reviews.


• Optimising your online presence

We will make sure that your web presence is optimised, so that Google can see that your business has a high level of visibility. This includes:

• Websites

• Google My Business

• Online directories

• Reviews

• Articles

• Links

The more you have a positive online presence, the more likely you are to feature in the 3 pack.

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