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Google’s Latest Design of Search Engine Results Pages

You are probably already aware that Google make regular minor changes that affect the design of search result pages. This includes several small…
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Social Media Marketing

Building your online brand

Many entrepreneurs focus on building a business, rather than a brand - this is a mistake. Developing an online brand can play an…
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Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines: What They Mean

The Quality Raters Guidelines (QRG) are intended to help the team of Quality Raters that work for Google to assess the quality of…
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A Guide to Featured Snippets

  A Google snippet or featured snippet is a small summary of your website on the Google results page. It offers small segments…
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How to Create a Good Meta Description

Creating good meta descriptions for your web pages is essential. Doing so gives you an advantage in search engine results. While it's true…
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What Makes a Good Blog?

What makes a good blog can be broken down into four segments. Firstly, there are the different forms success takes, secondly there is…
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Site Indexing: What is it, and why does it matter?

The main aim of any business website is to attract interest in the brand. From this interest, sales  of products and services can…
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Brighton SEO 2019: Takeaways from John Mueller’s Q&A

Last week, Google’s own John Mueller was put in the firing line in front of a vast audience in Auditorium 1 at Brighton…
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