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You want your business to reach as many customers as possible. Local SEO works well in attracting people to your high street presence in a certain location. What if you want your presence to be felt nationally; even in areas where you don’t have a physical presence. This is how national SEO can help.

Expand your national customer base using expert SEO

Attracting customers to your local business may be a good start; but it’s not enough for many small and medium businesses. Technology has made it easier to trade on a national and international level, even if your business is not yet trading on a large scale. Fibre works with business to expand their customer base to other parts of the country. You may want to do this because you have opened a high street store in a different location, or because you have simply identified a potential online market in other towns and cities. Whatever the reason, we can help you utilise national SEO to your advantage by:

• Researching keywords on a national basis.

• Establishing locations to focus on.

• Researching national competition.

• Developing a national SEO strategy for your business.

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How is national SEO different from local SEO

Local SEO works well for many small business. Using local SEO tactics such as optimising your Google my Business presence, and creating listings in local directories, means that you can increase footfall in your high street store and improve sales.

National SEO is less focused on one geographic location with more emphasis on broader keyword rankings. There are two separate reasons why your business may want to invest in national SEO.


• Attracting customers to a new bricks and mortar store

Opening a new store in a different town or city can seem like starting from scratch when it comes to attracting customers. In order to help with this, Fibre can help you to create a national SEO strategy that works for your business including:

• Researching relevant keywords nationally and for different locations.

• Creating content that is specifically focused on the new location.

• Ensuring that your business is listed in local directories for the new location.

• Ensuring your Google My Business presence is optimised for the new location.

• Ensuring that your online presence reflects a national customer base as well as having a local focus.

• Attracting online sales to different areas of the country

Just because your business only has a physical presence in one location doesn’t mean that you can’t attract custom from different parts of the country. You can do this by either including keywords that work best at national level or by providing specific content for certain regions, cities or towns.

Fibre will help you decide which is the best approach for you by:

• Analysing the competition.

• Conducting expert keyword analysis.

• Researching the product market in different areas.


The importance of unique content

Creating content that works for SEO on a national level requires expertise and care. It can be helpful to create dedicated website pages for different locations that you want to target; but you need to ensure that content is not duplicated.

We have worked with business in several different sectors, to create dedicated content which helps to improve visibility on a national level without being repetitive. For instance, a business which wants to attract custom in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester needs to include content that provides useful advice for people living in each location; it’s not sufficient to simply repeat what has already been said. This is important as duplication of content can have a serious adverse effect on search results rankings.

National SEO is usually more resource intensive than local SEO. Getting this type of SEO right requires extensive research and analysis. We can take all of this work off your shoulders by putting our experience to use in completing the research and analysis for you. We’ll present all of our findings in an easy to understand report, and help you to develop a national SEO strategy that works for your business.


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