The coronavirus pandemic that the world is experiencing at the moment is affecting everything about our daily lives – from how much we can see our loved ones, to how we are working. For many businesses, this is a worrying time as they try to contend with changes in people’s consumption and spending habits, to […]

Developing a rock-solid content marketing strategy is essential when it comes to marketing your business online. It helps you to focus on the unique needs of your customers, allows you to connect with them more effectively and get the results that you are looking for. Without it, there’s simply no way you can be sure […]

Last month, we kickstarted our ‘A Day in The Life’ series with Search Performance Manager, Ed, taking centre stage. This month, we’re gaining an insight into the day of a Content Marketing Specialist. Link building is one of the top three ranking factors and yet can be one of the hardest things to master. As […]

Producing great content is vital if you want people to be attracted to your brand and engage with it. Around 84% of buyers frequently or occasionally access business related content on their phones, while B2B marketers rated blog articles as the most effective content format in the awareness stage. These statistics can confirm that, right […]

What makes a good blog can be broken down into four segments. Firstly, there are the different forms success takes, secondly there is the marketing boost that all successful blogs need, thirdly there is surprise, and fourthly there is targeting. This post covers all four elements of a successful blog, and also offers a little […]