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content-managementYour business website is your digital shop window. For many people it’s their first experience of your brand. This is why it’s so important to make sure that your website content and technical SEO are optimised and fresh. If you don’t keep up with current trends in your business sector, and marketing advancements, you could end up losing potential customers to your competitors.

Free your business from the pressures of website management

Running a business can create a great deal of pressure; dealing with budgets, financial performance, employee issues and product development. Managing your business website is one pressure you could probably do without; but without proper management, your website will not operate to its full potential. Fibre helps businesses in all industries to keep their websites fresh and relevent by:

• Conducting regular analysis of search results performance.

• Analysing competitor websites.

• Carrying out ongoing keyword research.

• Ensuring that brands are always effectively represented.

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Why it’s important for your website to be current

We work with businesses to produce well-researched SEO and content strategies for their websites. We also help with implementing these strategies. This doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

Once your website is optimised for SEO performance, we’ll carry out regular detailed management, in order to make sure that the content doesn’t stagnate and that keywords remain focused and high performing. We’ll also help you to reflect any brand changes across your online presence.

• Keeping content fresh

Your reputation as an authority can be seriously damaged if the content on your website is out of date. Some industries can be subject to change on a regular basis and presenting old advice looks unprofessional and is likely to deter potential customers. You also have to think about current customers who like to see fresh content across your online presence. Providing this content helps to keep them engaged with your brand. Fibre will:

• Research fresh industry advancements for you to talk about.

• Analyse what type of content is working for your competitors.

• Research what relevant topics customers are talking about online.

We do all of this work on an ongoing basis, to make sure that your website content is accurate, current and engaging.

• Ensuring that keywords work

Keywords form a major part of any SEO strategy. When choosing the right keywords to use, you need to consider:

• Relevance.

• Ranking.

• Competition.

• Long tail and short tail.

Once you have the keywords that you think will work best; there’s still work to be done. Fibre doesn’t just conduct research and analysis to determine the best keywords for your needs, we also complete all of the ongoing work, as part of our website management service. This includes analysing the performance of the keywords you’re using, analysing competitors’ keyword usage and researching fresh keywords that can help to improve your conversions and sales.

• Reflecting your brand

As a growing business, you may find that your brand evolves along the way. You may make additions to your product range or services. If you don’t update your website to reflect any changes, you could miss out on potential customers. We’ll use what you tell us to make sure that your brand is accurately reflected online  and that all of your attributes are marketed in the correct way.

Many businesses create a website and then neglect to manage it as well as they should. This is often due to the existence of conflicting priorities. You can’t afford to neglect your website; doing so can greatly reduce conversions and decrease revenue. Over time this can seriously restrict the growth of your business. You can take care of all your other business priorities and leave the management of your website to us.

We’ll put our skills and experience to use analysing the performance of your website on an ongoing basis, and identifying any potential improvements. We’ll also make sure that your content and technical SEO adhere to current best practices, as well as ensuring that your website creates a fresh, accurate and engaging view of your brand.

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